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Give us a call and we will get your laundry done! No need to leave home, no more hassles! Call us now!


"I'm very pleased with the team provided by ComfyHomes, they are not only friendly and polite, they are excellent workers!"

K.Barbara Trevose Crescent

SMS your booking to 9855 4205.

Key in Name, Address, Service Required (R-Weekly cleaning, S-Spring/Post/
Pre-Reno cleaning) and Date of Commencement.

eg. Peter Lim_30 Balmorai Road_R_30Sep.


ComfyHomes Pte Ltd has always differ itself from others. Here, we offer a no hassle ‘one click’ order form, just ‘click’, fill in the details and SEND!

No more phone calls!
No more worries!

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