1. Will I be assigned a regular domestic cleaner?

Yes, we will assign the same domestic cleaner to your residence as it will be easier for you and her to communicate and she can do the job better when she is more familliarized with your treasured home.

2. Do I have to be at home durng the process?

Not nescessary, the management will manage your key and you can have your home cleaned while you are not at home. Rest assured you will come home and be a satisfied customer!

3. Are your domestic cleaners trustworthy?

Yes, we screen and interview them carefully before assigning them jobs. After passing our stringent test, they will be trained by professionals and then assigned to jobs.

4. What is the difference between employing Comfy Home and 'freelancers'?

We are a professional home cleaning company. Why you decide to employ us, we will be accountable and responsible for our workers. In doing so, the hassle of managing a domestic cleaner is borne by us and not you. Excellent service is guaranteed and you will be able to seek redress if you are not satisfied with the service provided.

5. What is the difference between Spring Cleaning and Regular Housekeeping?

Spring Cleaning is a 1 time major cleaning of the whole house whereas Regular Housekeeping forcuses on general maintenance and cleaning. Spring Cleaning will require more resources and time then Regular Housekeeping.

6. Do I need to provide any cleaning equipment for the domestic cleaner?

Yes. You will need to prepare your own equipments and detergents.

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